Merry Christmas


One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Mary Did You Know”.  The song itself speaks of some wonderful things that Jesus would do… (walk on water, heal a blind man, save our sons and daughters, etc…). Can you even imagine? Mary must have known, at least in part, what she was in store for. She may not have known the details. But I’m quite sure she would have guessed big and great things were in store.

A few years ago, God showed me a picture of Mary holding her belly full with child. Did she know that this amazing child she carried was going to suffer the tortures that He suffered and ultimately be put to death? If she had known that, would she have agreed? God asked me a powerful question then. Would I be willing to carry and give birth to my son, knowing that when he was a little older that I would send him off to war? Would I do that knowing that my son would be sacrificed in this war… in order to save the enemy? Would I raise him knowing that it’s all so he could be tortured and then die?

Mary may or may not have known what her son would soon face. But God knew. He knew full well, down to the tiniest detail what His only son would have to endure. He knew every tiny drop of blood that would violently fall from His son’s body. He knew the intense pain and agony that His son would have to experience… And He thinks I’m worth that… you’re worth that.

If there was ever a thought that would bring me to my knees in complete and total humble praise, that’s it. God saw me in all of my brokenness and sinfulness and said it was worth it to Him to save me. How could I do anything but serve, praise and honor the one who died for me. He knew my name. He knew that Terri Ann Wedner Sorenson would eventually accept the gift He was offering on that cross. And knowing that there was even one soul that would be saved as a result of His sacrifice was good enough for Him.

I will have an amazing Christmas this year. Trust me when I say it’s not because of my crazy relatives, gifts I get, gifts I give, food I eat, or any other reason. I’m going to have an amazing Christmas this year because I am knocked off my feet when I think of the one gift, the only gift that is priceless to me… my savior… my Jesus. Merry Christmas


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